Coconut Milk Powder: No Pail Required –

Coconut Milk Powder: No Pail Required

Milk. Opinions vary, but one thing is for certain—to curate cow’s milk you have to crawl underneath a cow and pull on something. You wanna go first? No, I didn’t think so. There has perhaps never been a better time to take a close look at the benefits of Coconut Milk Powder. That’s right. Coconut. Milk. Powder. It’s got stuff that does a body crazy good, and you don’t have to touch a cow’s underside to get it. Shall I continue? 

From blood vessels to bones, muscles and nerves, coconut milk powder's vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous and folates have been cooked up over eons by Mother Nature to bring order to your inner countryside. The lauric acid in coconuts is the antimicrobial icing on the cake. Have you ever seen a gang of microbes break and run? Stick around. 

Coconut Milk Powder is made by grating the rich white meat of the coconut, placing that grated meat in a permeable muslin cloth, and using a hydraulic press to bear ruthlessly down on the stuff in the ~540 psi range until liquid is expressed. The liquid is then spray dried using heated air flow until what remains is a fine powder waiting to be reconstituted with a lil’ dab of water. Get some of this stuff into you and watch what happens.

The Very Idea of a Medium Chain Triglyceride

A Medium Chain Triglyceride (just say MCT if those 8 syllables make you want to yell at the family dog) is a marvelous thing. Coconut milk powder's MCT spikes production and activation of the oxygen-binding protein in human blood; yes, our old pal hemoglobin. This added oxygen transport relieves the heart and other organs gasping for more 02. And coconut milk powder is loaded with iron; something you may have intuited the last time a coconut came down on your sorry head like a cannonball. Well, the iron in coconut milk powder has a magnetic effect on your body's hemoglobin (again): the blood's iron and oxygen transport system. This can help lift the conditions of anemic patients.

Coconut milk powder also manages to get optimal oxygen supply to all the lamplit neighborhoods of your expansive (no offense) body, spreading the 02 through the newly tuned-up hemoglobin network to exhausted muscles, tissues and organs. Yes, coconut milk powder does have an oxygenation theme. Hence its use by some athletes to maximize distribution of oxygen while they’re in the throes of some admirably strenuous activity or other.

Coconut milk powder is also a great source of phosphorous—a big deal for strengthening bones. 80% of the body's phosphorous is in your teeth and bones, and they'll take more phosphorous anywhere they can get it. Muscle cramps in the night—or anytime—compel that embarrassing "ow! oooowwww!!! jig. Coconut milk Powder has the magnesium you need to smooth out your neuromuscular transmission issues, taming the midnight cramp jig and saving the bedside lamp you would otherwise smash in the dark with a desperately flailing arm. So coconut milk powder also saves lamps. “Don’t leave out the bit about zinc!” I can hear you shouting. Okay, then—zinc may reduce certain risks in the prostate by creating an environment hostile to those wildly multiplying cells that remain a central plague to human health. Coconut milk powder is a zinc skating rink. By which I mean (in plainer language), there is a goodly amount of zinc in coconut milk powder.

So. Coconut Milk Powder is less about the tropical concussion delivered by a 3lb falling seed, and more about happy metabolics. Coconut Milk Powder's medium-length carbon chains are taken quickly up by the bod and burned for immediate energy, both physical and mental. Put your pith helmet away. Pleathe.

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