Fo-Ti Powder | For Hair & Skin | He Shou Wu | USDA Organic |

KOS Greens & Reds | SAVE $10

KOS Greens & Reds | SAVE $10

KOS Organic Fo-Ti Powder

  • immunity
  • sleep
  • skin
  • hair

Fo-Ti has been a trusted herbal remedy for thousands of years. Since arriving in the West, researchers have been eagerly exploring its healing power.

KOS Organic Fo-Ti Powder
KOS Organic Fo-Ti Powder
KOS Organic Fo-Ti Powder

KOS Organic Fo-Ti Powder

  • immunity
  • sleep
  • skin
  • hair

Fo-Ti has been a trusted herbal remedy for thousands of years. Since arriving in the West, researchers have been eagerly exploring its healing power.

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Fo-Ti is legendary for fighting conditions of premature aging and is popular among natural healers for treating insomnia.

Fo-Ti, officially listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, is revered in Chinese Traditional Medicine. It has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions and shows promise as a kidney supporter, an anti-inflammatory, lipid reducer and sleep inducer. The Chinese have long considered Fo-Ti an anti-aging agent, motivating modern scientists to investigate its potential role in human longevity.

  • Hair Repair
  • Oxidation Mitigation
  • Sleepy Time Ti
  • A Respected Remedy

Fo-Ti is legendary in Asia as a tonic for hair restoration and regrowth. A 2011 study lends credibility to the folklore by reporting that topical application “promotes hair growth by inducing anagen (active growth) phase in resting hair follicles."

Anti-inflammatories are our best allies in nature’s pharmacy. In the lab, clinicians have reported that, “Various natural products from Fo-Ti have been shown to safely suppress pro-inflammatory pathways and control inflammation-associated disease.”

In modern-day Taiwan, Fo-Ti is the most commonly prescribed single Chinese herb for insomnia. Prescription meds are so problematic and often ineffective, specialists are scouring the herbal horizon for alternatives. They’re not sleeping on Fo-Ti.

In Traditional Medicine, Fo Ti is a respected remedy. In lab tests, it has been shown to be bio-active. In vitro, it reveals anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and antibacterial effects and is being studied for blood-building and neurological support.

Fo Ti

Time Tested Tonic

Promotes hair growth

East Asians use Fo-Ti to help prevent premature graying, thinning hair or hair loss. A 2017 study found evidence that it can act as a potential agent for the treatment of early hair graying and other pigmentation-related diseases. Hair, Hair!

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Helps maintain cell function

Fo Ti can increase the body's SOD (superoxide dismutase), a critical antioxidant to fight free radical damage. SOD helps maintain proper cell function and replication and protects against DNA damage.

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Helpful for insomnia

Sleep disorders top the list of medical issues in countries worldwide. Phytotherapy, including Fo Ti, is one of the most promising remedies. Specialists are testing Fo Ti’s insomnia fighting features.

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Chinese chiller

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fo-Ti is one of the herbs used to nourish the heart and calm the spirit. It is officially listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and is one of their most popular herbal remedies for an impressive list of health issues. Since the stressed-out citizens of modern times can use all the ""spirit calming"" we can get, researchers are hot on the trail to bring more Fo-Ti to more folks.

An ancient adaptogen

In Eastern traditional medicine, Fo-Ti is the first line of defense for stress reduction and enjoys a reputation as an energy elixir and anti-aging remedy. Speaking of "anti" - research labs have shown that it is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant , anti-viral adaptogen counted on for centuries by healers and their grateful patients.

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Nickoy S.
United States United States

I m interested in anything similar stronger or has flavor

Tara F.
United States United States

The mint chocolate chip is heavenly. So good. I was looking for a great gluten, dairy free protein for sweet tooth cravings. This hit the mark

Jessica B.
United States United States
Tasty plant protein FTW!

I love the way this stuff tastes. I actually look forward to drinking it post workout. The chocolate is my favorite but the vanilla is also very good.

Addicting Taste, so I did some research

The foti powder with hot water and oat milk tastes amazing. I can easily see myself completely switching from coffee to foti. However, because I liked it so much I thought I should research the uses and potential effects of higher doses (in case I want to drink a lot of it !) Here is what I found. Some websites report liver damage as a side effect of foti. Reference: But it is not clear how much or under what conditions adverse effects would take place. This other article indicates over 4000 mg could have adverse effects. Reference: The KOS serving size is listed as 4.5g = 4500 mg, which is larger than the amount found harmful in the previous link. However, the previous link also finds liver BENEFITS with dosage under 200 mg. If you are doing research on these products and are worried about potential side effects, perhaps stick to the lower amounts. A lot of traditional over the counter medicines also list liver damage as a side effect and then say on the package "Safe if taken as directed". It is unfortunate that it is so hard to find reliable information on these herbs. I try to steer clear of opinions that invoke passion without evidence -- either way. I hope this information is useful to other consumers.

Shelby H.
Lovely morning brew.

I purchased the fo-ti and lion manes supplement together. In the morning I brew some hot water, add fresh honey my cup and a scoop of each for a wonderful wake me up with some amazing benefits.

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