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Immune Defense with Epicor | BACK IN STOCK

KOS Organic Beetroot Capsules

  • energy
  • heart
  • immunity

Beets boast vitamins, minerals and plant compounds with medicinal properties. Their proven benefits have elevated this humble root to superstardom.

KOS Organic Beetroot Capsules
KOS Organic Beetroot Capsules

KOS Organic Beetroot Capsules

  • energy
  • heart
  • immunity

Beets boast vitamins, minerals and plant compounds with medicinal properties. Their proven benefits have elevated this humble root to superstardom.

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Beet Root powder is packed with power. It's a great source of plant protein and essential nutrients.

This humble root is a nutrition dynamo with amazing healing attributes. Ample nitrates can reduce blood pressure, provide performance enhancement and cardio protection while antioxidants scavenge free radicals. It’s a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, calcium and blood-building iron. Beet Root Powder and its concentration of nutrients is a convenient way to add Beet Power to your day.

  • Blood Pressure Regulator
  • Antioxidant Additives
  • Inflammatory Statement
  • Performance Plus

Several studies have demonstrated that the dietary nitrates in beets, when converted by the body to nitric oxide, relax and dilate blood vessels which can result in a significant decrease in blood pressure with associated vascular protection.

As we age, our cells become more vulnerable to oxidative stress and toxic free radicals. Dietary antioxidants are the best protection against them. Beet Root is rich in a red pigment, betalain, which is an especially effective free radical attacker.

Chronic inflammation is the root - wink! - of multiple health disorders. Beet Root is a proven, plant-based anti-inflammation agent; a healthy alternative to toxic NSIDs and similar medications. Our beleaguered bodies are applauding in unison.

Increasing VO2 Max is the Holy Grail of athletes and fitness seekers. Beet Root appears to do just that. A British clinical journal noted it “reduced the increase in pulmonary oxygen uptake during moderate exercise and increased time to exhaustion.“

Beet Root

We Salute Humble Roots

Helps reduce blood pressure

Researchers are focusing on Beet Root’s effects on blood pressure. A study showed that one glass of beetroot juice a day significantly reduces blood pressure. “Significantly.” We love that word.

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Reduces cellular stress

Our cellular system is under constant bombardment from oxidative stressors; menacing molecules that damage our DNA and wreak havoc on our health. Beet Root’s antioxidant compounds balance the battle.

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Reduces inflammation

Effective health regimens must include fighting inflammation. The dilemma? Conventional meds have gnarly side-effects. Plant-powered Beet Root has proven effectiveness without the negative reactions.

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Terrific taproots

Eat your beets! Were three more spine-tingling words ever uttered around the childhood dinner table? (hint: "No") But the scary-looking ridged discs that we were so terrified would touch our mashed potatoes eventually turned out to be a delicious, beloved and power-packed culinary staple in adulthood. Who knew?

Beets bring the bennies

This humble red root boasts a basket full of benefits. Its pigments help battle inflammation-driven diseases and go to war with free radicals, it has powerful anitoxidant properties, the high nitric oxide content can aid memory and general cognition and it can help support lower blood pressure and improved blood flow. You might say they it helps you beet the odds against disease. :-)

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