Your new healthy habit.
Drink up!

Get your daily dose of greens from something that doesn't taste like ...GRASS!

You've got 99 problems...
Consuming a daily dose of
veggies is no longer one:

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A quick and easy solution
for a rock solid foundation!

Immune System Support

Proactively strengthen
your immune
system daily

Digestion Support

Aids digestion process & enhances nutrient absorption

Energy Boost

Adaptogens & superfoods deliver improved natural energy

Glow Inside & Out

Daily dose of natural vitamins to support healthier skin & nail

This stuff doesn't just grow
on trees. Wait actually...

This award winning, all-in-one, carefully curated, nutrient packed cocktail of certified organic, highly absorbable ingredients grown from Mother Earth’s very own secret stash is more than just a mouthful.

It is convenient,
delicious nutrition.



4 Grams

Net Crabs

1 Gram

of Sugar

What's in it you ask?
Here's the scoop:

More of our greens,
for less of yours!

"Saving Green" just took
a whole new meaning!

< 1 Dollar

Per Serving

< 1 Minute

to Make

+ Multiple way to enjoy our greens

Mix with 8-12oz. of cold water

Add to your favorite shakes, smoothies, and drinks

Freeze into tasty ice cubes or popsicles

We're kind of
a Big Dill

Most green blend supplements taste like gr(ass) but after you try it once, you’ll be hooked!

Oh KALE Yeah!
Two green thumbs up.

Kortney Campbell

‘‘Show me the greens is perfect for our whole family, whether we are mixing it in smoothie pops or taking it as ‘lemonade’ on beach trips!’’

Lindsey Shelton

‘‘I have tried numerous greens powders from several companies and every time they’ve made me gag. I absolutely love how Kos has made them vegan, healthy AND delicious. They give you all the benefits with great taste! They help relieve bloating too! I am in love with these.’’

Jennifer Stinnett

‘‘Greens have been an absolute game changer for my morning routine. Instead of reaching for that first cup of coffee, I nourish my body with a 12 oz glass of greens. This helps me feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer my day. I have two young kids, work full time, and also work on my own projects. Sustained energy is a must, and taking the greens first thing in the am really sets the tone for my days! Thank you KOS for creating a nutrient dense product that tastes like a morning cocktail’’