Stress: Sip By Sip You Can Break its Grip –

Stress: Sip By Sip You Can Break its Grip

We're all stressed—it’s just a question of degree. Because we live in a 24/7 society where doing “all the things” is not just expected, but celebrated, we don’t always recognize the invasiveness of stress when its symptoms appear. Stressed“If I’m not at least a little stressed, I’m probably not pushing hard enough to succeed” goes one toxic version of today’s aspiration culture. You find you can’t turn the cranial noise off at the end of the day, close your eyes, and sleep. When your morning coffee is not a celebratory “new day” ritual, but a desperate series of gulps that barely kickstart your engine anymore, you’ve turned the wrong corner.

Stress isn’t an attitude, but a manifestation of your physical system frantically waving the white flag. Your “run down” feeling is akin to the harmless-seeming hairline cracks that quietly signal structural fatigue in the days before a bridge collapses. Every moment of your life, your body is carefully monitoring itself to maintain homeostasis—a systemic physiological balance right down to the cellular level—that assures all systems are a go. Constant stress is unnatural, and causes a cascading hormonal over-response that knocks homeostasis sideways. Chronic, ongoing stress will break you.

Ironically, the search for a ”room of one’s own" can itself be a stressor. Rent is due, tonight’s dinner is from a drive-thru (again), and little Jimmy just launched a perfect jump shot through the loudly shattering picture window. Commending his form, you grounded him for a month. There’s not enough time in your day for what HAS to be done, let alone for what you need.

We hear you. Heck, we are you. Which is why we’re throwing you a lifeline with KOS Kiss Your Blues Away!

We’ve methodically blended—from nature’s soil-covered pharma—an adaptogenic herb and mushroom mix based on evolution's remedy for physiological stress in the wild. KOS Kiss Your Blues Away aims to:

  • Improve concentration
  • Elevate your mood
  • Regulate your sleep cycle
  • Reduce your hormonal stress
  • Dial down your body’s over-response
  • Support your immune system

Just scoop it. Day or night, shaken or stirred—you can even have it on the rocks— this mixture has been produced over the eons by nature and expertly mixed by KOS. The flavor is delightful, the benefits may be life-changing, and the physiological effects are well-understood. We’re sure you’ll love it; so sure you can try it risk-free. What do you have to lose? We’ll let you answer that one.

Get KOS Kiss Your Blues Away


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