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5 Reasons KOS Is the Healthiest Way to Improve Your Mood, Energy and Overall Health

Health is not a passive state, it’s an active one. It’s a pursuit. Include KOS in your daily routine, and your pursuit has started. KOS can improve your health and overall quality of life.

1. Not just healthy…radiantly healthy

When coming across healthy products, we are all inclined to ask ourselves - “Is this really healthy for me?’’. So, we want to address this and break down why KOS is healthy for you. KOS products are organic and plant-based, which means they are a clean and natural energy source. Not only do KOS products contain high-quality ingredients, but every product contains them in abundance. Using KOS products daily will improve your immune system, aid digestion, and help you stay full of energy. 

2. Clean, Cleaner, KOS! 

Even when a certain product belongs to the healthy category, we are all hyper-aware of its ingredients, and we manically read the labels to find out if it is really healthy. Feel free to read KOS labels; we’ve got nothing to hide…our products are organically produced by responsibly managed farms using sustainable practices. Nearly every ingredient is certified organic and therefore free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, colors, and GMOs. Our products are made in Southern California, and ingredients are certified by the USDA and CCOF. Moreover, KOS products are made without gluten, soy, and dairy.

3. Truly Helpful

KOS products are really beneficial for your health. Plant proteins give you the energy that lasts all day and keep you satiated for a longer period, so they can be very helpful for controlling cravings and losing weight. Depending on the problems you face, you can choose products that will help you boost your immunity, aid digestion, promote healthy circulation and blood pressure, reduce inflammation, enhance your athletic performance, and so much more. We also offer a wide flavor selection with award-winning tastes, so you can choose according to your needs and preferences. 

4. Look Good, Feel Good

Whenever we take some supplements or care about nutritional intake, the ultimate goal is to feel good both physically and mentally. KOS products are specifically made to give you the energy that lasts, help you sleep better, and get rid of stress. KOS organic and natural supplements help you take care of your hair, skin and nails. With KOS, you will look good, have confidence, and really feel good about yourself. 

5. The Best Value 

The market is full of supplements that usually cost too much but don’t give you any results. KOS will not only help you improve your health and your overall quality of life, but it will save you time and money. And we all know that, nowadays, time is really precious. The convenience of making quick and easy meals that are, above all, truly healthy is something you can’t pay enough for.

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I am kind of obsessed with making smoothie bowls at home. It’s perfect for starting the day, as a mid day snack or even for dessert. I pack my bowls with healthy fruits and berries, plant based milk and I’ve been using @kos ‘s plant based protein.

Lynn F.



This is the best protein powder ever! It tastes like brownie batter!!

I have tried nearly every kind of big brand protein powder and have never liked a single one. Either they are sickeningly sweet or have a terrible aftertaste- or both. This is the only protein powder that has such a delicious balanced taste, and I tend to not like sweet or flavored protein powders at all! 

Lisa A.



Without any sliver of doubt, this is by far THE BEST ORGANIC VEGAN PLANT-BASED PROTEIN on the market! We were hook from the first drink. The natural ingredients, along with delicious taste, leaves you full of your daily nutrients throughout the day. Although not necessary due to the delicious taste, we also enjoy your daily KOS shake with a handful of spinach, avocado and peanut butter. 

Donna K.

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At KOS, our goal is unapologetically lofty: we want to feed the world. Yes, you heard it right.

We know that food production can be remodeled literally from the ground up and mother nature has given us enough to feed 3.5 billion people. 

In our mission to feed the world, we’ve partnered with Feeding America and starter a 10 million meals project. This means that every unit of KOS purchased will help provide a meal to a local family in need through the food bank nearest you in partnership with Feeding America. We have come to 2, 402, 790 meals so far.

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