KOS Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

KOS Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

100 trillion bacteria in your gut are managing your health. Show some respect.

  • Make no mistake: your microbially crowded intestine drives everything.
  • The ascetic acid in apple cider keeps the gut absorptive and flexible.
  • Prebiotics are nourishment for your gut's heroic, healthful bacteria. This is good.
We recommend taking 1 gummy per day. And remember, chew thoroughly before swallowing for best results.


  • Prebiotic Power
  • Um...vinegar?
  • Gut and Brain: The Conversation
  • Serotonin on Loan

The trillion bacterial bodyguards in your gut? They'll eat whatever you throw at them—but give them what they need and you're golden.

Fermented apples produce acetic acid—yes, apple vinegar— and that's been used for thousands of years for various purposes.

The gut-brain axis (GBA) links your gut health to emotional and cognitive centers of the brain. Gut health is emotional health.

Serotonin - the happiness hormone - is abundantly produced in the gut. But only about 95% of it.

Your Belly's Besties
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Dietary Fiber

It's no secret that dietary fiber keeps the trains running on time. These gummies have what it takes.

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Vitamin B9

Vitamin hobbyists know this one as Folic Acid -- a major component of a healthy digetive tract.

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps your good-guy bacteria suppress the invading jerks who want to hurt you. B-vitamins are key to certain gut bacterium.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar discourages harmful bacteria in the microbiome, while helping metabolize and fully absorb ingested food.

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Rich in betaine? You betcha. Beetroot's load of betaine modulates stomach acid for optimal digestive success.

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Pomegranate juice reduces inflammation in the gut and otherwise smooths digestion.

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Apple of My Gut? You want this if...

  • It seems a good idea to give superpowers to your protective microbiome.

  • Your digestion has always felt a little messed up and you don't know why.

  • You have read War and Peace twice while sitting on the toilet.

  • Your wonder sometimes if everyone has the feeling their bowels are engulfed in flame.

  • Your post-lunch exhaust pipe makes such a racket the cat bristles.

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