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Rooted in a good cause

We started with a single purpose, to upgrade individual wellness and quality of life for the conscious consumer.

  • Our Story, our KOS

    KOS was born of the radical belief that there is a deep connection between delicious plant-based superfoods and improving the quality of one's life.

  • Natural nutrition, that's it.

    From our daily nutrition blends to our award winning protein powders, we always start with real foods.

  • Feel good, taste good.

    Our Stuff Doesn't Taste Like Grass. We believe healthy choices have to taste not just good... BUT GREAT!

  • High quality, low cost.

    Everything we make at KOS is crafted from high-quality ingredients and real, healthy food. Let the other guys sell those overpriced “supplements.”

“Delicious & nutritious addition to any plant-based diet”
“Deliciously rich and smooth”
“A must-try non-GMO, plant-based protein powder!”
“Chock-full of tasty ingredients”
“One of the best-tasting plant-based protein powders”
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KOS Feeding America

KOS wants to partner with you in a One-for-One mission to feed America’s hungry. We can make a difference in your community.

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How it works?

Every unit of KOS purchased will help provide a meal* to a local family in need through the food bank nearest you in partnership with Feeding America®.

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1 meal provided*
Featured products...
  • KOS A Whole Latte Gold

    A Rich & Warming Golden Mylk Blend

  • KOS Organic Coconut Milk Powder

    Keto Friendly & Loaded With MCTs

  • KOS® Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina - 27 servings

    A Natural Food Colourant Packed With Amino Acids

  • KOS Sippin' On Shroomboom

    An Invigorating, Mocha Mushroom Coffee Blend (Caffeinated).

  • KOS Beet Root Powder

    Beets support healthy circulation. Say hello to flow!*

  • KOS Bolt From The Blue

    A Fresh, Uplifting Blue Spirulina Blend (Caffeinated).

  • KOS Kiss Your Blues Away

    A Calming Blue Spirulina Blend

  • Beet Root Powder - 50 servings

    Beets support healthy circulation. Say hello to flow!*

  • Organic Coconut Milk Powder - 90 servings

    Keto Friendly & Loaded With MCTs

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500,000+ happy customers and counting
  • Such a delicious taste and a great supplement for antioxidants and energy. Highly recommend!

    Keeley B.

  • I drink it every morning on an empty stomach, 30 mins before my coffee, and I feel great. I’ve been using it religiously for about 2 months, and can feel the benefits.

    Chad L

  • The taste is delicious and I definitely think it’s a calming beverage, especially considering that I had a pretty stressful day

    Christine M

  • Was absolutely amazing in my smoothies! Such a beautiful bold blue color without the fish taste and smell of regular green spirulina.

    Autumn P.

  • This stuff is so much tastier than I thought it was going to be. I blend it with a protein drink and it’s *chef kisses

    Ramona Y

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