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We welcome you to consider joining our exclusive retailer network. KOS produces a sustainable, resource-responsible suite of plant-based supplements. From muscle-bulking amino acids to immunity-boosting microflora, KOS’ aim is twofold: vibrant personal energy, and a broader public awareness of how nourishment can work for all of us. We’re framing a culture built on the very foundation of the world’s food chain, the Plant Kingdom—living things that eat sunlight and turn it into digestible energy. In plants are found proteins, minerals, vitamins, clinically proven healing agents, and the means to nourish the world’s hungry without denuding the planet’s surface, or pouring away our limited potable water.

Food has a problem. KOS is approaching the issue at its protein base, building a brick-by-brick model of individual sustainability that can’t help but scale to the larger world. Because the larger world is All of Us. Please join us.

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