Are You Already Struggling to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?

Are You Already Struggling to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that time of year again! You’ve popped the champagne, you’ve celebrated the arrival of a new year and you’ve decided on your New Year’s Resolution. Except you’re worried that this year’s resolution will fail before the end of March. Or are they already in a heap next to the recycle bin?

If you’re tired of setting resolutions and getting frustrated because you can’t seem to stick to them long-term, then here’s some tips for you to make THIS year, the one where your goals become sustainable. (Hint: If you want an “easy” button, skip to the bottom of the article)


  • Make A Specific Plan
  • The keyword here is specific. If your resolution is to start exercising, instead of “I want to start exercising more”, make a specific plan like, “I will attend my gym’s 6 AM cycle class every Tuesday and Thursday”. 

    This helps you not schedule other obligations during your workout time and it also prevents you from putting it off to whenever it’s most convenient… which let’s face it is probably never.


  • Get Accountability
  • Spending time with, or getting coached from, friends or pros who have been where you want to go can help boost your own performance and commitment. 

    You can also learn the tactics they used to be successful to help you do the same! Not to mention, it’s easier to stick to your commitments when you have someone who is there to support and encourage you. So grab a friend, a family member, your partner, or a professional to provide you with the support you need.


  • Break Your Resolution into Bite-Sized Pieces
  • Going back to the importance of a specific plan, it’s important to create smaller specific goals from your big overarching goal to instill confidence and make it more attainable.

    For example, if your resolution is that you want to lose 10 pounds by the middle of February, you need to break this down into smaller goals, such as:

    • Drinking 2/3 your bodyweight in ounces of water every day to flush out toxins and reduce water retention

    • Eliminate snacking after dinner

    • Attending your gym’s 6 AM cycle class every Tuesday and Thursday

    • Swapping your fast food lunch every Friday for a KOS protein shake


  • Ditch the “What the Hell” Response
  • Any time you set a goal and you deviate from your plan, your automatic response is “I already failed today so what the hell!”. Instead of throwing in the towel when life isn’t perfect (because let’s face it, it’s not!), give yourself some grace that today didn’t go as planned, but one day will not ruin all your progress.

    If your resolution is to cut out sugar for three months, but you receive a promotion at work and indulge in a slice of cheesecake your coworker brought to celebrate, don’t throw in the towel and proceed to have a second slice or eat half a pint of ice cream later that night. Enjoy your indulgence, but don’t let it be an excuse to stray from your goal.

    Another way to avoid this effect is to look for an alternative. For example, if your resolution is to meditate every morning for 15 minutes before getting ready for work, but you slept through your alarm, try to find another 15-minute time slot during your day to fit it in.

  • Consistency. 
  • They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Consistency is important for you to reach your goals – even on the days you have to deviate from your plan whether intentional or unintentional, if you can find a way to still accomplish it before the end of the day, it will still bring you closer to maintaining your new habit.

    Going back to the previous example, by finding a 15-minute time slot somewhere else in your day, it’s going to benefit you even if it’s not during your regular scheduled time, because it’s still another reminder of your new habit for your mind.


  • Instead of Removal, Think Replacement.
  • We all know it takes time to build new habits, but for some reason when it comes to quitting them, we expect it to happen overnight. And we get extremely frustrated when we try to give up a habit “cold turkey” and find we can’t maintain it.

    Instead of trying to quit a habit overnight, replace it.

    If your resolution is to stop drinking soda this year, thinking that you’re going to be able to do that after you’ve spent the last six years drinking one every morning on your way to work, is setting yourself up to fail. 

    Instead of trying to just not drink soda, replace it with something healthier: tea, KOS Love You Berry Much with sparkling water, KOS Bolt from the Blue, fruit infused water, or naturally flavored sparkling water. 

    Curious about learning more? Stay tuned for our next post where we do a deeper dive into this tactic.


  • Make it FUN!
  • Now that we’ve covered all the structured aspects of maintaining your New Year’s Resolution, we want to remind you the importance of making it fun!

    If you dread the habits you’re trying to create or the small steps you have to take to achieve your bigger goal, you’ll struggle to maintain your commitment. It’s simple, really. If you look forward to your daily practices, it’s easier to stick to them because we prioritize the things that make us happy and truly bring us satisfaction.

    You may be thinking, ‘These tips are great, but how do I choose which strategy to use?’ or ‘How am I going to remember to do all these things?’

    As great as options are, sometimes too many options can be overwhelming, so having a way to bring them all together without having to think too hard will help you reach your goals with ease. 

    If your New Year’s Resolution aligns with better health, then the KOS Wellness Program offers you exactly what you need to be successful! It’s an all-inclusive program that provides you with a nutrition plan, a daily workout, habit-building strategies that actually work, and a coach to keep you accountable. Plus, you’ll have access to a community of others, just like you, on their health journey as well!

    The KOS Wellness Program offers accountability, consistency, specificity, bite-sized goals, and of course, fun because we believe it’s easier to reach your goals when you look forward to the daily practices needed to achieve your resolution as a whole. 

    Your resolution this year doesn’t have to result in disappointment. Try one of these tips or join the KOS Wellness Program to tap into a strategy that will give you habits you’ll keep for years to come!

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