Organic Mushroom Complex Powder - 35 Servings

Organic Mushroom Complex Powder - 35 Servings

The fungi pack in KOS blend packs a punch when it comes to detoxing, revving up your brain power, and reducing daily pressure and strains. While they may not fulfill every single one of your needs, they come pretty close. Give your body the natural upgrade it deserves and try out these strange (but oh-so-beneficial) life forms.

Add one serving (1 scoop) to your favorite dish or drink for a nutritious boost.


Curious about the mystical powers of mushrooms? According to ancient field research, these fungi are more than just a tasty addition to your pizza.

Imagine a group of ancient people wandering through fields, stumbling upon a magical organism that would become known as the almighty mushroom. With no fancy lab equipment, they relied on a tried and true field research method - eating what they found and documenting the positive effects. This focus group lasted for centuries as they passed the knowledge down from generation to generation. It turns out these fungi are pretty genius, spending 1.5 billion years perfecting their health-boosting benefits. From powerful antioxidant properties to naturally supporting your body’s processes, mushrooms have everything. And now, they're asking humans a simple yet enticing question: "want in on this?".

  • Experience the Magic of Detox:
  • Antioxidants + Mushrooms = Dream Team
  • Provide Your Body With An All-Round Support
  • Focus, Focus, Focus

KOS Organic Mushroom powder is packed with powerful compounds that may help in your body's self-cleansing process. It's like having your own personal defense squad, ready to provide the much-needed support for your overall well-being!

Are pesky free radicals stealing from your healthy cells like molecular bandits? Don't let them get away with it! Try incorporating mushrooms into your diet to help mellow out those free radicals and give your cells a much-needed break.

Mushrooms are more than just a delicious addition to your meal. Did you know that they contain superpowers that combat some pesky things in your body? This is thanks to the special polysaccharides found in mushrooms.

Ready to give your brain a boost? Research suggests that Lion's Mane may help keep your brain sharp and in tip-top shape. Unleash your inner genius with these incredible benefits!

Mushroom Blend

Ready to try the KOS mushroom blend, hand-picked by our team of expert forest dwellers?

Energy & Vitality

Are you searching for an elixir to enhance your zest? Look no further than cordyceps – a strange, vibrant tubular organism that works wonders inside the human body. No more fatigue, just vitality..

Brain Power

Unlock the full potential of your mind with the strange-looking yet miraculous medicinal mushroom. Don't let appearances deceive you. This mushroom is a game-changer for keeping your mental machinery in good working order.

Unlock the Mystical Powers of Reishi:

Our ancestors knew the benefits - Now it's your turn to experience reishi's amazing health-optimizing properties. Embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle with the transformative influence of this powerful fungus. .

Unlock the Nutritional Superpowers of Mushrooms

Prepare to have your mind blown because mushrooms are not just tasty little fungi but nutritional powerhouses too! Did you know they are rich in B vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin C? Not to mention they may work well at keeping your body ( and cells ) protected. And the best part? Mushrooms are low in calories, fat-free, and contain tons of fiber and essential minerals. Don't underestimate these little guys. They've got some serious nutritional muscle.

Super Antioxidant

Get ready to supercharge your body with the power of mushrooms! Scientific research has revealed that these magical fungi are packed with a super antioxidant superhero. We’ll call him ERGO for short. But that's not all - this amazing compound can also be found in abundance in red beans, oat bran, and even liver! To ensure you get your daily dose of this ERGO superhero, we've got you covered with our convenient mushroom organic blend.

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