7 Ways KOS Protein Supershakes
Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Rated # 1 Best Tasting
Plant-Based Protein Powder

1. A delicious “sunrise” shake:

Get your feet on the floor, remember your name. Throw back the curtains. Drink deeply. Feel the energy. Two minutes, tops.

2. “I’ll have that to go!”

You’re busy. We’re busy. So much busy! Keep a shaker cup in your fancy leather shoulder bag and you’ll have the body-fueling goods—whenever and wherever.

3. “Banish the Morning Empties”

Who can eat in the morning? A “wake shake” goes down easy, keeping you genuinely sated and light on your feet. Perfect storm? Yep. Snacks at work? Nope.

4. “Your exercise and recovery secret formula”

Your workouts are awesome. So, what do you want, a prize? Well, here it is. Drink your recovery, and get back in there. Your temple will thank you.

5. “Be a Loser”

Replace a meal or two with a shake. Goodbye, extra weight! This isn’t said lightly. Food is energy, but it comes in many forms —one of them a calorically measured, nutrient-rich drink. Feel better? Check. Look better? Check. It’s simple physics.

6. “Make your Move Toward a Plant-Based Diet”

Baby steps. “Plant-based diet? Eww!” You won’t believe what you’re tasting. This is a protein shake that tastes and feels like a reward. If there’s a better way to begin your “green era” we haven’t heard of it.

7. “Easy Peasy”

See what we did there? “Peasy”? Yeah, we’re all over this. Ahem. How simple is it to make one of these things? Two scoops, some water, use your martini shaker. No olives required. All the green you need is in the shake.

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