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KOS Organic Cordyceps Powder

  • energy
  • immunity

Scientists call it Cordyceps Sinensis. Native to the Himalayas, it is a rare adaptogen used for thousands of years in traditional Bhutanese medicine.

KOS Organic Cordyceps Powder

  • energy
  • immunity
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Scientists call it Cordyceps Sinensis. Native to the Himalayas, it is a rare adaptogen used for thousands of years in traditional Bhutanese medicine.


Cordyceps - a rare fungus - is a time-tested immunity booster and a reputed energy and endurance enhancer.

This rare fungus, once reserved only for royalty, still reigns as a potent tonic in Eastern “traditional” medicine. Its future in modern treatments is promising. It contains all the essential amino acids (complete protein), more than 50 types of enzymes and other vital phytonutrients. Since research is limited, we rely on the wisdom of the West for much of what we know about its healing powers.

  • “Athlete’s Ally”
  • Immune Responsiveness
  • Alert You
  • Oxidation Mitigation

Cordyceps gained “fame” in 1993. Chinese women broke 9 WRs in 1 track meet! Accused of doping, it turns out they were taking Cordyceps. We learned since it has metabolic catalyst CoQ10 and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to increase useful energy. Dope!

Traditional Asian Medicine “knows” Cordyceps boosts immunity. As East meets West, studies agree. We’ve learned this fungus contains polysaccharides (beta-glucans) reputed to support immune health, overall wellness and healthy cell growth and renewal.

An adaptogen is “any herb able to increase resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue,” an apt description of Cordyceps which can increase cellular oxygen capacity and ATP production within muscle cells, increase endurance and reduce fatigue.

There’s lots to learn about the Cordyceps fungi but it appears certain it is an effective ally in our battle against free radical damage. Polysaccharides and CoQ10 combine with its other phytonutrients to aid in protecting cells from DNA damage.



Improves athletic performance

It’s unlikely you need nutraceuticals to win sprinting gold medals but we can all use more efficient energy, movement and stamina. CoQ10, ATP and other phytonutrients in Cordyceps can fan the flames.

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Improves Immune Response

Our immune systems are wonders of nature constantly under threats from toxins and invaders. Traditional Medicine has long used Cordyceps as a staunch defender. Modern shamans are nodding their heads.

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Adaptogenic benefits

Cordyceps is an adaptogen, not a stimulant. It helps maintain constant energy levels by activating cellular energy production. As an alternative to Caffeine Nation; it could be a better body booster.

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A formidable fungus

Of all the magical medicinal mushrooms in Mother Nature's plant pantry, the Cordyceps fungus has one of the strangest journeys from spore to survival. It is a parasite that sucks life from caterpillar larva and grows right out of the decayed remains. Something about that struggle causes Cordyceps to create compounds uniquely beneficial to human health. Well-regarded as an immune system supporter and detoxifying catalyst, there's little doubt that we will continue to discover new benefits from this formidable fungus.

Magic mountain mushroom

The healing Cordyceps fungus is central to much Chinese legend and myth and has been for thousands of years. Tibetan scholarship told of a mysteriously healing half-animal, half-plant that came and went with the seasons. It wasn't until 1757 that a scientifically thorough description of Cordyceps was undertaken by Wu-Yiluo and included in his medical opus, the Ben Cao Congxin, a compendium of natural healing published during the Qing Dynasty. Ben Cao Congxin today forms the basis of the State Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China.

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